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In DCS world you can create what are called "unit templates" these are effectively a save group of units where their location in respect to others, experience, and orientation are all saved and can be called upon later. This is a super useful feature and can substantially reduce the amount of time it takes to make missions.

How to make a template

Making a template is easy

  1. Place the units you wish to be part of this template in the manner you wish for them to be placed in and give the group a name that is representative of that group. EX) Patriot Firing Battery
  2. Click:
  3. Now on the right find:
  4. Your group's name should appear in the top box, with the bottom box being the name of the template
  5. Once the names are set click save template, once done you can now use it in the future

Now if you wish to use other peoples templates either follow the above path or if you want to completely replace your template list with another go to:


In here find the Templates.Lua and just replace it or edit it in a text editor like NotePad++

Common PACT templates

Common NATO templates

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