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{{#invoke:Sidebar|sidebar}} The United Operations Training Center runs a number of courses, this is a list of both active courses UOTC runs and and past courses UOTC has ran but are no longer maintained or ran.

Active Courses

Course Title Lesson Plan
Familiarization Course v2 Lesson Plan
Land Navigation Course Lesson Plan

Courses in Development

Course Title Lesson Plan
Joint Terminal Attack Controller Course V2 Materials Not Yet Released
Fireteam Operations Course Lesson Plan
Radio Telephone Operator Course V2 Materials Not Yet Released
Basic Medical Theory Course Lesson Plan
Advanced Medical Theory Course Lesson Plan
Military Operations in Urban Terrain Course Lesson Plan
Forward Observer and Battery Commander Course Lesson Plan

Courses in Rewrite/Restoration

Course Title Lesson Plan
Forward Observer Course Content Migration Needed
Radio Telephone Operator Course Lesson Plan

Past Courses

Course Title
Marksmanship Course
Basic Urban Warfare Course
Naval Rotary Pilot Course
Machine Gun Tactics and Employment Course
Anti-Tank Weapons and Employment Course
Basic Armored Crewman Course
Basic Medical Course
Convoy Operations Course
Radio Procedure Course
Basic Mechanized Warfare Course
Basic Soldiering Skills Course
Armored Vehicle Driver's Course
Reconaissance/Sniper Course
Fireteam Operations Course
Mortar Gunnery Course
Artillery Gunnery Course
Forward Observer's Course
Rotary Wing Competence
Basic Rotary Wing Course
JTAC Course
Fireteam Leadership Course
Squad Leadership Course
Platoon Leadership