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An example logbook which I cultivated over my entire BMS career
Rank Total Score Special condition
1st Lt 150 none
Capt 300 none
Major 800 one campaign won
Lt Col 1600 one campaign won and no campaign lost
Col 3200 one campaign won and no campaign lost
Gen 6400 none

The logbook is your service record, it will track when your pilot was first created, flight hours, score, missions flown and A-A/A-G kills just to name a few statistics. The logbook will also show the medals you have earned and will determine the rank which is shown when taking a seat.

At the end of each flight you will get a briefing where you can see how well you performed your mission task. Some mission types are notoriously hard to succeed in, while others(AI/CAS) are more lenient when it comes to on-paper success.

As you accumulate points your Total Score will rise and you will get promotions at certain milestones.

There are several tools to modify your logbook file(User/Config/callsign.lbk), I have found logbookmanager too work rather well. Always make sure you back up your .lbk files before modifying anything.

Pilots who participated in a few of our campaign events but could not make it to the final event of the campaign might want to give themselves a Korea Campaign medal, after all you earned it. Right?