Air-to-ground CBU burst altitude testing

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Courtesy of testing done by a community member, Gusy, this is a pretty extensive test of Burst Altitude settings and their effects on CBU effectiveness.

I spent a few hours of testing munitions in a controlled environment. Target is 100 M1A1's in column. CCIP on a single tank and judge each weapon's effectiveness using TACVIEW and debriefing kills.

Mk-20 Rockeye

BA-500 - 150ft area/~50% destroyed

BA-1000 - 150ft area/~50% destroyed

BA-2000 - 200ft area/~50% destroyed

BA-3000 - 300ft area/~50% destroyed

BA-3000 Pair - 300ft area/~95% destroyed

CBU-87 Combined Effects Munition(CEM)

BA-500 - 200ft area/~15% destroyed

BA-1000 - 200ft area/~15% destroyed

BA-2000 - 523ft area/~15% destroyed

BA-3000 - 531ft area/~15% destroyed

BA-3000 Pair - 531ft area/100% destroyed

CBU-97 Sensor Fused Weapon(SFW)

BA-500 - 130ft area/~75% destroyed

BA-1000 - 300ft area/~75% destroyed

BA-2000 - 300ft area/~75% destroyed

BA-3000 - 300ft area/~75% destroyed

BA-3000 Pair - 300ft area/100% destroyed

Mk-84 Low Drag General Purpose(LDGP)

Single - 300ft area 100% destroyed/550ft area ~60% destroyed/Damaged only zone 301ft-550ft

Pair - 300ft area 100% destroyed/550ft area ~60% destroyed/Damaged only zone 301ft-550ft

Mk-82 Low Drag General Purpose(LDGP)

Single - 50ft area 75% destroyed/300ft area ~25% destroyed/Damaged only zone 51ft-300ft Pair - 300ft area ~100% destroyed

JSOW (Joint Standoff Weapon)

BA700 Single - 800ft area/~16% destroyed

BA700 Pair - 800ft area/~50% destroyed

BA1500 Single - 800ft area/~16% destroyed

BA1500 Pair - 800ft area/~50% destroyed

BA2500 Single - 800ft area/~16% destroyed

BA2500 Pair - 800ft area/~50% destroyed

Quoted from UO forums.