Air-to-ground datalink

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The A-G intraflight data link function allows the transmission of data associated with the currently selected steerpoint or the A-G radar cursor position which can then be used by flight members to “walk” their sensors (A-G radar cursors, TGP, etc.) onto a target or point of interest.

Learning objectives

  1. know how to set the AG Datalink DED page to sent data to whole flight or to an individual
  2. Know how to send the AG radar cursor position using the datalink
  3. Know how to send a steerpoint using the datalink
  4. Know how to use the stored steerpoints sent by datalink (stored in STP 71 - 80 then overwritten if needed)
  5. Know the different symbologies from the AG datalink on the FCR, HSD and HUD.
  6. Know the different HOTAS functions used for AG datalink (DMS aft for switching SOI, TQS: COMMS Switch Right - IFF IN to send data, WARN RESET of DRIFT C/O switch to clear the HUD messages)