Air-to-ground missions

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Learning objectives

  1. Know the intent of SEAD vs DEAD
  2. Know the difference between CAS and AI

Mission success factors

  • DEAD: Destruction of Enemy Air Defenses. As the title implies you must destroy as many specific radars and/or launchers as possible at the target steerpoints. That’s the old SEAD STRIKE tasking from 4.32.
  • SEAD: Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses. This time you don’t have to destroy specific ADA, but usually protect a strike package from enemy air defenses. It’s the old SEAD ESCORT tasking. Mission success is tied to the strike package sustaining no losses. (Note that it says Strike Package. If you plan on killing enemy Air defenses without a strike package, make sure you frag DEAD)
  • OCA STRIKE: Offensive Counter Air Strike missions are targeted specifically against airbases or search radars. The purpose of OCA strikes is to help gain aerial supremacy by destroying assets on the ground. Mission success is tied to target damage of at least 30% (target must be under 70% operational status after the strike).
  • STRIKE: Genuine Air to Ground strike mission against a variety of specific targets. Decrease operational status of the assigned target by 30% at least to ensure success (target must be under 70% operational status after the strike).
  • DEEP STRIKE: Same as STRIKE but deep behind enemy lines. Success conditions are the same as Strike.
  • PREPLANNED CAS: Close Air Support mission against known ground units. The FAC is not needed. Destroy as many vehicles in the target battalion as possible to ensure mission success. Please note the flight plan will place two target steerpoints. The target is supposedly around these two steerpoints, usually moving on roads. Mission can unfortunately fail if your target was destroyed by other units.
  • CAS: Same as Pre-Planned CAS.
  • AI: Air Interdiction missions to prevent reinforcements reaching the front line. There is no specific target assigned between the two target steerpoints and your flight is free to hunt down reinforcement and logistics units (actually any unit will do). To ensure success you must destroy as many targets as possible.
  • TASMO: Tactical Air Support for Maritime Operations. Damage as many naval targets as possible at the attack steerpoint.