Air-to-ground weapons

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Learning objectives

  1. Know how to use CCRP
  2. Know how to use CCIP
  3. Understand the loft cue
  4. Know how to configure bomb release
  5. Understand how to employ general cluster and iron bombs effectively


  • CBU-97 BA is somewhat irrelevant, probably single drop for best bang for buck
  • Mk. 20 BA is somewhat irrelevant, but pair drop for best effectiveness
  • Pair drop all other clusters at 3,000'

Iron bombs

  • Pair drop Mk-82s for wider destruction footprint
  • Single drop Mk-84s, do not pair drop them

Should you carry Mk.82's or Mk.84's?

  • Mk.82: 500lb. bomb that has about 250lb. of tritonal explosive.
  • Mk.84: 2,000lb. bomb that has about 1000lb. of tritonal explosive.

Three Mk.82's can be carried per station while only one Mk.84's can be carried on the same station.

Answer: It depends what you are trying to hit.

  • Mk.84: Big Buildings and big targets that require less precision
  • Mk.82: Small targets that require high precision

How to implement: If you are hitting an object that is large and easy to hit in both CCIP and CCRP, drop a pair of Mk.84's. If you are hitting a small and hard target like a hardened bunker, drop a total of 6 Mk.82's: Three release pulses in pair mode with 75 feet of spacing.

Though the Mk.84's are much more powerful, you can only drop one per pylon and you can't get good dispersion. Mk.82's are less powerful, but you can spread them through paired release pulses and you will saturate the target.