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A theater in BMS is a region of conflict, often with various support for custom campaigns, a database, flight models, and more. The default theater is KTO. It contains various campaigns in the Korean region, typically involving South and North Korea in various armed conflicts.

There are a number of 3rd party theaters that support regions, aircraft, and loadouts that all differ from KTO. Some example theaters include ITO, NTO Polar Vortex, and EMF.

HERE is an up-to-date list of theaters for BMS 4.36

Manual Installation

Manually installing a theater is typically easy, but it can be difficult when you need to install and update it. Read the documentation that comes with a custom theater to understand how the theater devs intend for you to install and/or update it.

Theater Installation Location

All theaters are expected to be placed in the \Data directory under their own respective Add-on directory. For example, the ITO theater is installed to Data\Add-On Israel while The Korea TvT theater is installed to Data\Add-On Korea TvT.

Theater Definition and Listing Files

The theater listing file is contained in the \Data\TerrData\TheaterDefinition directory. It is called theater.lst. It is a text file that contains the list of all theaters that the user can choose to play.

All newly installed theaters need to have the location of their theater definition file added to this theater listing file.

Automated Installations

If a theater comes with an installer, installation is typically done by running the installer. The installer is often smart enough to move the new files to where they need to be *and* to add the line to the theater definition listing.

Specific Theaters for UOAF

Sometimes UOAF requires custom changes to theaters. This may be due to the theaters being unfinished, or UOAF's goal is to achieve a more realistic loadout to the time period the campaign is supposed to be in.