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Installing modules

So you got some extra money one day and decided to buy a DCS module now how do you install it?


Click this button then if you have correctly signed into your DCS account it will auto prompt you to install your module. As a note the more and more you add on DCS will grow rapidly, < br/> its highly recomended you have a large SSD with pelnty of space, and by plenty I mean over 140gb of free space...


Now with that new module of your you want to setup DCS to either look pretty is you have a monster PC or make it run as smoothly as possible with that dinosaur PC you have


Click on this button

This is what you are greeted with in the system tab: --picture soon

List of options:

Impacts of each option on FPS:

Control Setup

The controls page is next in our adventure to get your module set up and ready: -- picture soon Lets explain this mess

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