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It takes some special configuration to run a dedicated server that can host BMS.

Learning objectives

  1. DLL overrides for running 3D without a graphics card
  2. Bandwidth requirements
  3. Configuration file settings
    1. Six minute taxi
    2. Long running campaign
    3. Settings to keep server flight in 3D

Learning files


  1. Download and install original Falcon 4
  2. Download 4.33 U1
  3. Download 4.33 U2
  4. Download 4.33 U3
  5. Install U1
    1. Easiest is to place the setup at C:\Falcon BMS 4.33 U1 Setup
    2. Verify install works
      1. If BMS crashes, make sure you enable audio
    3. Verify version FALCON BMS 4.33.1 (x64) BUILD 15227
    4. Configure the server for windowed mode
      1. On the dedicated, I leave Borders checked
  6. Update U2
    1. Make sure you install the update into the U1 SETUP folder
    2. Rerun the setup and update to U2
    3. Verify version FALCON BMS 4.33.2 (x64) BUILD 15754
  7. Update U3
    1. Make sure you install the update into the U1 SETUP folder
    2. Rerun the setup and update to U3
    3. Re-configure the server for windowed mode
    4. Verify version FALCON BMS 4.33.3 (x64) BUILD 16068
  8. dedicated-server-for-Windows-with-no-GPU
    1. copy the .dll's to bin/x64 after fulfilling requirements.
    2. invoke BMS through the "run-bms-server.bat" batch file.
      1. Comment out the FPS or CPU overlays if you want
  9. Run server and make sure BMS works
  10. Download Elouda's 2.56 1989 campaign
    1. Add this line to \Falcon BMS 4.33 U1\Data\Terrdata\theaterdefinition\theater.lst
    2. Add-On Korea EM1989 v2\Terrdata\theaterdefinition\Korea EM1989 v2.tdf
    3. Patch up to 2.57
      1. Replace files in destination when prompted
  11. Set up Phonebook for localhost connections
    1. Connect to IP:
    2. Connection bandwidth: 100000
    3. IVC Enabled
    4. IVC Automatic Gain Control
    5. Dedicated IVC Server:
  12. Make sure port mapping is set up:
    1. IVC: 2437:2438, 9989:9999 (BOTH)
    2. BMS: 2934:2937 (BOTH)
  13. Edit falcon-bms.cfg
  14. Edit atc.ini



set g_nTaxiLaunchTime 4 // Time before TOT to launch to TAXI (in min)
set g_bStrictFogOfWar 1 // Experimental! Forces the map and OOB to honor the unit spotted/identified status more rigorously (default 0/false)
set g_nForceMinClientBwSetting 1024
set g_nDeagTimer 2 // AB A/C spawn-> lead time before taxiing (in min)
set g_npercentage_available_aircraft 100 // Determines what proportion of your squadron's roster will be available (in %)


These settings will keep your 3D flight committed for the entire time.

;This is the amount of time in minutes the player has from the 
;time he enters the sim to get off the ground or get bumped back 
;to the UI.  (Note: regardless of this value the player is always 
;given at least 1 minute past his scheduled takeoff time)
PlayerBumpTime = 1000000
;At what amount of time in minutes past their scheduled takeoff 
;time is an AI plane yanked out of the sim (i.e. cancelled)
AIPullTime = 20