Flight leading

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Learning objectives

  1. Give a flight briefing
  2. Share important flight mission information

Tactics and Miscellaneous

  1. Obtain Positive Identification (PID) on targets prior to engagement
  2. Understand information given in a Bullseye call
  3. Very basic comms brevity knowledge (see Brevity document)


Item Description Example
Flight Callsign Name of the flight, including focus of the flight, ship type, and strength. "Falcon1 OCA F-16C Block 30, four ship."
Reiteration Of Individual Intent Go over the specific intent of the flight, what its purpose is, and the general sense of how you'll accomplish this. "Our intent is to destroy the runways of Wonson airbase with low-altitude dumb bombs."
Loadout Specify the ordnance each pilot will be using. "Each ship carries 6 BLU-109 runway buster high-drag dumb bombs, 2 370 gallon wing bags, 4 AIM-9P missiles, and a centerline jammer."
Flight Plan A detailed rundown of the flight plan, what each steerpoint represents, cruising altitudes, etc. "Steerpoint 1 is home plate, Pusan airbase..."
Method Of Attack The specific way in which your flight will conduct its mission objective, be it a ground attack, combat air patrol, etc. "We will go NOE at steer 6 and attack the runway in a pop-up attack from the east..."
Bingo Discuss fuel tolerances, joker and bingo states, playtime. "Bingo will be 3000 pounds, desired playtime is 10 minutes."
Takeoff/landing procedures Describe the takeoff profile you want, any special remarks for taxi, and landing procedures. "We will taxi in sequence to runway 14 left, and conduct 2-ship takeoffs. Takeoff will be timed by element leaders, full burn to 350, rotate at 180, nose up 10 degrees and rejoin before turning for steer 2."
Communications Go over flight-specific communications methods to make sure all pilots know the correct frequencies and controls. "Flight comms. will be on Victor 1, TACAN will be set 11X, 74Y, 74X, 11Y..."
Questions From Element Lead Accept questions from the element leader.
Questions From Wingmen Accept questions from the wingmen.