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This page contains the description, role and responsibilities, SOPs and process documentation for the UOAF fragteam.

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Role and responsibilities

The UOAF fragteam is a group of players, not necessarily Roster members, responsible for the creation and publication of the weekly BMS events. They also maintain documentation relative to best fragging practices, checklists, and other procedure necessary to maintain the quality of the generated events.

Joining the fragteam

Anyone can apply to be part of the fragteam; current members of the team assess the request, if necessary arrange training/instruction to ensure the applicant can frag events independently and with the required quality standard. This is not supposed to be a heavy, technical process, but simply a way to ensure quality.


Players intending to create missions/events at UOAF should:

  • Be experts at using the mission editor and generating missions that are technically sound (meaning among other items, that waypoints, timings, takeoff order, server flight, etc are taken care of to minimize delays and headaches on game day)
  • Be knowledgeable in the various missions, munitions, profiles, and airframes
  • Constantly review the process and document best practices and The Fragging Checklist
  • Be able to independently assemble products for briefing and planning (including maps, comms plans - as “standardized”)
  • Try to spread the workload in the best way to avoid burnout
  • Be capable of getting people up to speed on all of the above to expand the squadron’s fragging manpower (depending on how we decide to arrange things, this can be a requirement for fragging official events)

Fragging workflow

  • During planning meetings, some time is set aside to discuss the two upcoming events, allocating as many people as possible to the two events (coordinator, package lead, server host/backup, and a fragger)
  • The overall situation in the campaign should be addressed briefly to give some background and input to the fragging process
  • After the meeting, the event coordinator ensures work proceeds on the event, and is responsible for finding replacements for key figures if need be
  • The fragger and package lead can collaborate to hatch and refine a plan
  • The fragger creates the mission and products according to sop/other resources established by the frag team, and finally posts event to discord (format TBD)
  • This can be done individually or as a team effort (group fragging is encouraged for less experienced people)
  • The frag can also be double checked by other fraggers, spontaneously or on request of the fragger
  • Players RSVP indicating preferred slot, and are expected to read and process the briefing, in order to expedite briefing
  • On game night, Package commander should be already aware of the tactical situation, possibly having planned with fragger ahead of time; package brief is kept to a minimum and flight briefs/question time can take most of the briefing time
  • Mission is played, everyone has a good time
  • Debriefing of event, feedback to fragger/pl/fl; keep track of issues and over time propose changes to fragging SOPs if necessary

Fragging checklist

  • Does each steerpoint for each flight have a cruise air speed > 300 knots?
  • Is the altitude for each steerpoint appropriate?
  • Will the SEAD and/or escort be in front of the strikers in time to deal with threats?
  • Is there at least 1 minute between each take off time?
  • Does the escort and SEAD have enough time to work their steer points before strikers arrive?
  • Is there at least 1 minute between each flight TOT on a co-located target?
  • Are all co-located flight plan steer points deconflicted by either time on steer or altitude?
  • Does every flight have an abort airfield that is safe and close to the FLOT?
  • Are navigation steerpoints separated by a minimum of 20-30nm (Med Alt Only) + logical?
  • Does the package have the means (weapons, terrain) to deal with every threat within range of the flight plan?
  • Is there an AWACS fragged?
  • Is the server flight fragged in a location to maximize the server's FPS performance?

Cross-post to other communities

We have been given permission to cross-post our event announcements into the following communities:

  1. #bms_flights in Falcon Lounge
  2. #mission-schedule on F4BMS Ready Room
    1. Note, we agreed to not use any notification groups or @ pings in posting here
    2. As there is rarely any posting in this channel, it's easy to see historical invites from other UOAF members

Simply re-post the Discord post from #announcements on our Discord into these channels above. It should be appended with a general note to include:

  1. Reminder to download 3rd party theaters, if applicable
  2. Entry criteria, typically "If you can take off, navigate, follow basic orders, communicate, and drop bombs, feel free to join us. Nobody needs to be perfect. Discord link can be found in the RSVP page above."

To do:

A few items have to be clarified for SOP inclusion:

  • Weather: dynamic or not, i didn’t completely follow the discussion but i saw there are issues with jolts when the map changes
  • Editing REDFOR: yay or nay?