JF-17 - LD-10 Anti-Radiation Missile

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The LD-10 is a Chinese developed and Pakistani built anti-radiation missile intended for the destruction or suppression of hostile radar emitters. This missile is very capable as it is based on the SD-10 (PL-12) A/A missile body. It is even capable of very limited A/A functionality which will be discussed at the end of this guide.

Performance and Range Datapoints

The LD-10 being based off a high performance A/A missile benifits from its design heritage with a small profile, high thrust and duration motor, and a large warhead.

(graph here)

If launched at 40,000ft at M1.0 expect a max range of 55-65 Nautical Miles If launched at 30,000ft at M1.0 expect a max range of 40-45 Nautical Miles If launched at 20,000ft at M1.0 expect a max range of 30-20 Nautical Miles If launched at 10,000ft at M1.0 expect a max range of 10-20 Nautical Miles

-Note the missile can still fly for some distance after it goes subsonic but once it does it is approching it maximum range and the slow speed of the missile at this point makes very susceptible to point-defense weapons.

Targeting Modes


  • INS coordinates of current SPI are entered into the weapon. The weapon will then fly to a point ()NMi away and turn on its seeker. It will then track the strongest emiter at that location


  • The missile is launched in a "maddog" state where once the saftey distance is met its seeker will activate and it will home in on the largest seeker it sees. A very reactive mode and can be dangerous if used near friendly immerters.

SP - Self Protection

  • The missile is fed the approximate location of the highest threat emitter in the defensive system and once it passes the safety distance after launching will fly towards the last known point of this seeker and track that specific one. This mode is the only way the missile is able to target specific emitters.


1) 2) 3) 4) Once powered on the missile has a 2.5 minute warmup time with the time remaning being shown in location (). The missile if fired before this will not track properly. 5)