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JSOW is an unpowered, glide weapon that has deployable wings and is guided by a self-contained INS/GPS set. JSOW comes in two variants, the AGM-154A consists of 145 BLU-97/B Combined Effects Bomb (CEB) submunitions and the AGM-154C uses a penetration warhead and is most efficient against hard targets like runways, bunkers and hardened aircraft shelters. AGM-154 can be used at low or high altitudes in day or at night in all weather conditions.
In falcon BMS, JSOWs can be loaded onto the F-15E, F-16 and F-18.

Learning objectives

  1. Know how to align JSOW and when they're fully aligned (plan for a 3 minutes alignment time requirement)
  2. Set up the different settings in the SMS page (understand how the spacing works for a ripple launch and the end game settings)
  3. Know the different modes of the JSOW (PRE - MPPRE - VIS)
  4. Know the flight envelope (range of around 20 nm at 25 000 ft, JSOW does not require the aircraft to fly directly at the target but will not tolerate offset of more than 60°)
  5. Know the basic symbology of the HUD DLZ and the speed limitations (DLZ will be blanked when aircraft speeds are less than 0.6 Mach or greater than 0.95 Mach, pitch or bank angles greater than 30°)
  6. Know how to drop JDAM on target steerpoint coordinates
  7. Know how to drop JDAM on a target designated with the TGP or the FCR
  8. Be familiar with the 1.6 seconds pickle delay (Depress and hold until the FPM flashes > 1.6 seconds for single, or 3.2 seconds for ripple ! you must hold it until weapon release, otherwise you'll get a HUNG weapon)