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Maverick is not just the callsign of a crazy pilot flying a Tomcat! It is also one of the most effective weapons in the US arsenal with a reported hit rate of 80 to 90%. Like the LGB this weapon earned its reputation during the Gulf War where more than 5000 AGM-65s have been used mainly against armored targets.

Learning objectives

  1. Learn what the usage cases of the AGM65 Maverick are.
  2. Learn the limitations of the missile.
  3. Set up the auto power ON on SMS page
  4. Know the launch restrictions (concept of keyhole - be sure to have a steady pointing cross to have a valid missile track)
  5. Know the basic symbology of the WPN page and in the HUD
  6. Know the 3 different fire modes (PRE - VIS - BORE)
  7. Learn the different control binds and their function.
  8. Know how to do the handoff procedure between TGP and Mav'

General information


The AGM-65D/G Maverick is an IR, rocket-propelled air-to-ground missile. It is capable of launch-and-leave operations, relying on automatic self-guidance. The AGM-65D is carried on and launched from LAU-88A/A or LAU-117/A launchers. The AGM-65G is carried on and launched only from the LAU-117 due to its heavier weight.


  • The AGM-65D uses a shaped charge warhead optimized for use against armored vehicles, bunkers, boats, radar vans and small hard targets.
  • The AGM-65G uses a larger kinetic energy penetrator and blast/fragment warhead that is effective against both unusually shaped targets such as hangars, bridges, and ships and against small point targets such as tanks and bunkers.


Operational limitations

Do not launch the AGM-65 missile under conditions which exceed the following limits:

  1. Maximum launch speed: Mach 1.2.
  2. Maximum gimbal offset angle: AGM-65A = 15°; AGM-65B = 10°; AGM-65D/G = keyhole (see Figure 56 below).
  3. Maximum dive angle: 60°.
  4. Maximum bank angle: 30°.
  5. Maximum roll rate: 30°/s.
  6. Minimum/maximum load factor: +0.5 g/+3.0 g

Having a steady pointing cross is critical to a valid missile track and therefore a good target hit!

Maverick keyhole.jpg

Another couple notes: Radar Cursor Enable is the HOTAS shortcut for switching mav modes. (Pre, Vis, Bore). Bore allows you to orient the seeker using the nose of the jet while keeping the FCR locked on something else.

Never pickle if cross is flashing - 100% miss.

Time limitations

  1. Allow 3 minutes gyro spin up time before uncaging to prevent damage due to gyro tumble.
  2. Power-On (Ready Mode).
    1. Cumulative per mission – 60 minutes maximum (includes 3 minutes gyro spin-up time).
  3. Video-On (Full-Power Mode).
    1. Each attack – 30 minutes maximum (AGM-65D and AGM-65G).
    2. Cumulative per mission – 30 minutes maximum.

Keybinds and functions

Make sure you are in AG mastermode with FCR/TGP and the WPN page selected.

MSL STEP Not relevant Select next station.
CURSOR ENABLE WPN SOI Cycle through WPN Electro-optical modes
UNCAGE WPN SOI **Blow dome cover (AGM-65D)
TMS UP WPN SOI PRE MODE: AGM-65 Track VIS MODE: Stabilizes the AGM-65 LOS BSGT MODE: Stabilizes AGM-65 LOS
TMS DOWN WPN SOI Reject target (Unlock)
TMS RIGHT WPN SOI Force correlation
TMS LEFT WPN SOI Change sensor polarity
PINKY WPN SOI Change Mavericks FOV
*SOI – Sensor of interest (The mfd with the desired page has a white outline around it) 
**Blowing the dome cover reveals the image from the sensor

Handoff procedure to boresight the Mavericks

The Handoff procedure is used to boresight the TGP with the AGM65.
This enable the automatic lock-on correlator of the Maverick in PRE mode using the TGP.