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Learning objectives

  1. Provide a package briefing
  2. Control the package
  3. Maintain package level SA
  4. Signal return to base


Item Description Example
Package Number Number of the package in the Air Tasking Order (ATO). Can also include the session number if applicable. May also include package type. "UOAF session 123, package number 9876, Offensive Counter Air, package briefing"
Flight Order The callsigns of the flights in the package, their type, and their strength. "Falcon1: OCA. 4-ship F-16C Block 30..."
Time Of Day & Weather Time of day at current clock time, with an indication of when the flight takes place, along with the current weather as described in the Briefing screen. "It is 0200 hours with clear skies and a full moon. Light wind from the north-east with cloud layer at 34,000ft."
Situation General overview of the current campaign, composition of friendly and enemy forces, "The DPRK is planning a large Airborne Para Drop behind our FLOT in an attempt to secure key terrain and bridges. The staging area for their operation is Wonsan and Kuum-ni airbases on the Eastern Korean Coast."
Overall Purpose (Intent) The ultimate goal of the package. "This package will destroy Wonsan and Kuum-ni Airbases."
Ground Threats A description of threats facing the package from the ground. "Ground threats are: SA-2 missile sites around the target area..."
Air Threats A description of threats facing the package from the air. "Air threats include Mig-23s scrambling from Wonsan airbase..."
Commit Ranges Maximum ranges at which flights will commit to hostile aircraft." "Commit ranges are as follows: Mig-29s—40 miles; Mig-23s—20 miles..."
Sequence Of Events The sequence in which the package will operate. Includes takeoff times, times-on-steerpoint, and times-on-target. "Flights will takeoff between 0220 hours and 0224 hours and marshal at steerpoint 3 at 0230 hours..."
Method The way in which the flights will coordinate to accomplish the package objectives. "Falcon1 will target Wonsan and Fury1 will target Kuum-ni..."
Support Aircraft A list of the support aircraft available to the package, such as AWACS, refueling tankers, and assisting packages. "AWACS callsign is Chalis1 and is on station from 0230 hours to 0300 hours..."
Communications A breakdown of the different communications methods the package will be using, including intra- and inter-flight communications (UHF, VHF), A/A TACAN information, and airport information. "Victor comms. as per frag order. Uniform channel 15 tower comms., channel 17 package comms..."
Questions From Flight Leaders Accept questions from flight leaders ONLY regarding any of the above-briefed material.
Standard Operating Procedures Go over UOAF SOPs such as Teamspeak etiquette, special landing procedures like overhead breaks, and how to split into channels for flight briefing.

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