SOPs/Basic Requirements

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The following are general competencies expected of new and experienced players joining our community events.

If you have any doubts about being ready to fly, please reach out to any Roster member on our Discord server

You should also be aware of our General SOPs.


  • Have you connected to a BMS server and verified that hardware and IVC work correctly?
  • Can you take off, fly, pickle the chosen ordnance, and land afterward?
  • Can you talk to us while you’re doing it?
  • Can you follow directions and generally be a mature human being?
  • Can you keep your lead in sight?
  • If so, you’re probably good. Read below for specifics.


  • Basic English Language skills - enough to understand commands and be able to call out threats, report status/location, etc.


  • Stable internet connection with >2MBps up/down. BMS is sensitive to connections with poor stability; one client with an unstable connection can ruin an event.
  • Working speakers/headphones and microphone


  • BMS 4.35U3 installed and verified as working
  • IVC verified as working prior to the event
  • Discord installed, voice communication verified as functioning


  • Comms menu (connect to a server)
  • Basic 2D Map interface functions
    • Find packages/flights in the ATO
    • Select flight and seat in a package
    • Set PPTs
    • Set STP Lines
    • Recon targets, assign Precision Steer Points
    • Basic DTC setup, including Comms Plan and IFF Plan
  • IVC use (F1/ F2/F3)
  • Commit Ramp/Taxi/Runway selection


  • Taxi and take off
  • Basic navigation using HUD/DED/HSD and Nav STPs
  • Landing (visual) - overhead break pattern recommended
  • Maintain loose formation (keep Flight/Element Lead in visual range)
  • Follow Flight/Element Lead instructions


  • Read RWR
  • Read airspeed, mach, altitude and time to waypoint/target on HUD
  • Read/understand HSD
  • Locate, lock, attack air targets with the FCR and both AIM-9 and AIM-120 missiles
  • Locate, lock, attack ground targets with the FCR and TGP
  • Change weapons using MFDs
  • UHF/VHF radio usage


  • Specific events may have additional technical proficiency requirements, to be outlined in the briefing document for that event