Small diameter bombs

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GBU39 is a precision-guided glide bomb that has deployable wings and is guided by a self-contained INS/GPS set.
They have a very good standoff ranges and can be used in all weather conditions.
The bomb cannot be redirected in flight and therefore is usefull against non-moving targets.
Due to his small warhead GBU 39 is most efficient against soft-skinned targets like air defense vehicles, artillery pieces, radars and communications towers, fuel tanks, etc.

Learning objectives

  1. Know how to align GBU39 and when they're fully aligned (3 mn needed for a full alignment)
  2. Set up the different settings in the SMS page : Impact Option, Range on Bearing (ROB) and Attack Azimuth (ATK AZ)
  3. Know the two different modes and their differences (PRE - VIS)
  4. Know the flight envelope and the speed limitations (minimum/maximum distance engagement and speeds less than 0.5 Mach or greater than 1.5 Mach otherwize the HUD DLZ is blanked)
  5. Know the basic symbology of the HUD DLZ
  6. Know how to drop GBU39 on target steerpoint coordinates
  7. Know how to drop GBU39 on a target designated with the TGP (or the FCR)
  8. Be familiar with the 1.6 seconds pickle delay (Depress and hold until the FPM flashes > 1.6 seconds for single, or 3.2 seconds for ripple ! you must hold it until weapon release, otherwise you'll get a HUNG weapon)