UOAF Event Checklist

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Pre-Event Start

  1. Bring up dedicated server/IVC using instructions here
  2. Ensure copy of event google form survey is made
  3. Use windows snipping tool to capture full list of attendees on discord before event start. This will be used later for post-game survey and for collecting attendee metrics.

Event Start

  1. HW Readiness
    1. Run an Instant Action to ensure that your controls and Track-IR are functioning properly
    2. Restart BMS. You MUST restart BMS (since BMS 4.34)
  2. If you're new here:
    1. Share SOPs link into #saturday-bms-events - tell them to review it
    2. Upload/BW for connection
  3. Share IVC/server IP and alternative IP in #saturday-bms-events
    1. Template: Server Info Server IP / IVC primary: X If you had connection issues in the past, please use: Y for both the Server and IVC IP
    2. Tell folks: If you encounter blue text or latency issues in the past or if they have a questionable connection to use the alternative IP [note to moderator: it's using Amazon Global Accelerator, the regular IP is not]
  4. Slots
    1. Fill Reserved Slots
    2. Make sure everyone is slotted and package lead is happy
    3. Every flight should have an experienced UOAF member in it to avoid jankiness
  5. Introduce event #
  6. Introduce Moderator/s
  7. Introduce Package Leader
  8. Handoff control to Package Leader
  9. Use windows snipping tool to capture count of people in the brief room, this will feed into the metrics for attendance.

Package Leader Briefing

  1. Explain the Plan
  2. Cover datalink procedures
  3. Comms if different from BMS briefing
  4. Answer Flight Leader questions
  5. IVC checks in flight order, as per briefing (F1)
  6. Final check on new comers: an experienced UOAF member should be in each flight.
  7. GO over landing procedures
    1. Overhead break or...
    2. Visual Approach

Flight Briefing

  1. Players move to Individual flight channels for briefing
  2. Flight leader explains the plan
  3. Answer questions

Pre-Flight Procedures

  1. Players return to Briefing Room
  2. Package Leader or Moderator/s answer any final questions
  3. Take 3 minute break and sort out any issues.

After break: Moderator read SOPs

  1. Please mute but do not deafen discord during the flight
  2. Use Shift-T to chat in game if you have technical issues
  3. If you have an issue close BMS and IVC. Get your issues sorted out, use Instant action to check flight controls, then relaunch BMS and reconnect. Every time you enter 3D, you must restart BMS entirely.
  4. After you land and exit BMS or if you get knocked out, jump down into the debrief channel to chat with others.
  5. Recon a target in 2D to pre-load your cache and speed your load-in time
  6. "Double-click your flight and your seat and save your data cartridge."
  7. We will commit as Taxi

Moderator: Commit to 3D

  1. Save the Campaign
  2. Run server at 64x to t-7 from takeoff, commit server to Ramp.
  3. Once the server is in 3d, let everyone know.


  1. Exit the game
    1. Press escape, count down from 5 seconds
    2. Press E, count down from 5 seconds
    3. wait for sound to indicate you are outside of the cockpit view, then wait for 2d
    4. If stuck, alt tab out, reference the BMS server 4.34 dos prompt
      1. Press 1 to enable drawing primitives
      2. Press 2 to enable drawing patches
      3. Press 3 to enable drawing the scene
      4. Now you should be able to see the menu, and correct accordingly.
  2. direct message each event attendee (using screenshot from before) with a link to the survey and a greeting like this:
  3. Update metrics here after 24 hours or so

"thanks for attending UOAF 394 today! If you have a moment we'd love to hear your feedback on the event in this very short survey: LINK HERE it will help us improve our events, processes and cater them to your interests better. Thanks for your involvement in our community and please come again."


  1. Use windows snipping tool to capture count of people in the debrief room, this will feed into the metrics for debrief attendance.
  2. Verbal debrief: for each flight lead
    1. 3 minute time box per flight.
    2. High level beats of the mission
    3. What went well
    4. What we can do better next time
    5. Timeboxed to roughly 3 minutes each.
  3. Tacview
    1. Thank people who attended, let them know the formal debrief is over now and they can leave if they want or stick around for fun times
    2. No timebox - optional part for those who want to stick around and shoot the shit.
    3. Unstructured "lets look at cool shit" part